What's the one thing you always need to look-up?

How do you feel about your memory? To be honest, I don't have the best memory, I always write down the important things or when I can't remember something I'll definitely search for it.

What are the things developers always forget and need to search for?


The most common answer by far was:

Regular expression


The second most common was:

CSS (Centering divs, animation properties, media queries)


And by the way here is one of the ways to center a div:


display: flex; align-items: center; justify-content: center; \*on parent element *\

By Nikola Betica


I got a lot of answers regarding CSS/HTML/JS, Python, PHP, Java, Git


And the list goes on

  • ► How to make git stop tracking a folder/file
    git rm --cached <file>
    git rm -r --cached <folder>

    By R

  • ► Git reset soft/hard/mixed/keep
  • ► Git list or branch sort by creation time
  • ► Git flow
  • ► Bootstrap classes
  • ► Flexbox align-items, justify-items, align-content, justify-content
  • ► All kind of html forms
  • ► The syntax of if statements and for loops in Python
  • ► Javascript String function
  • ► Dates/Time in JavaScript, PHP (and other languages).
  • ► Splice or slice method in JavaScript
  • ► Let if in rust
  • ► How to initialize arrays in java
  • ► How to loop over a list
  • ► How to remove elements from a list inside the loop
  • ► The ternary operator in JavaScriptCOPY
    Question mark first, then the colon, because otherwise it doesn’t look like Elvis:

    By BeepThink

  • ► The Event for Dom Ready in Vanilla JSCOPY

    By Daniel

  • ► Color codes
  • ► Switch case


What about you? What is something you always tend to forget?

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