100daysOfYoutube - Eleftheria Batsou

What is #100DaysOfYoutube?

It’s inspired by #100DaysOfCode, a challenge created by Alexander Kallaway, where you basically code for 1 hour every single day for 100 days. I gave this challenge a twist and I decided to make 100 videos where I’d publish them on youtube. A couple of years ago I also did the 100daysofCode challenge, you can read about it here, but this time I wanted something more special and creative.

~ The official website for 100DaysOfX challenges.


What was my goal?

Usually, during the summer I have some free time that I try to be productive while learning some cool things. This summer I decided not only to learn but also share that knowledge.

~ How would I do that?! By making videos about the things I already knew or I wanted to learn.


The problems I would have to face: Time management and editing

I started the challenge during the summer time which means I had some free time, maybe on the weekends it was kind of hard (because I was going to the beachsurprise) but in general, it was ok! Time-management problems started in September where I was working full time, started doing a master part-time, I had to travel abroad and I was freelancing, all at the same time… But still, I managed to find the time to work on videos.

Another issue was my editing skills. Now and then I used to upload videos but they were pretty raw… this time I wanted something better and something with value for the viewer. I started using more and more Filmora (an editing software program for videos) until I’d have something I liked.


What are the videos about?

enlightened I started with reviews on free or paid online courses I had already participated in. People seemed to enjoy them.

I was reviewing courses, tutorials or lessons on: AngularJSGitFront-end technologies, UX research/UI designPhotoshop/Illustrator etc.


Reviewing online courses


When I was on the 25th day of the challenge I did the last course review. You may ask why “the last one”, the answer is: I haven’t participated in any other online course… so I cannot review something that I don’t know.


enlightenedI continued with some illustrator videos. I was trying to learn how to use it and I thought it would be fun to show everyone my struggles and bad designs!


enlightened After a while, I wanted to continue my education on freecodecamp so I made quite a few videos. A few months back freecodecamp had updated the curriculum hence I took the chance to record some videos on the challenges I wanted to complete.

The challenges were about: css flexboxcss gridregular expressionsdebugging and data visualization.


Walkthrough and solutions on freecodecamp challenges


enlightenedAnd then it was time for something that kept me going almost through the end of this challenge: collections of UX, UI, Web tools.

I started creating videos where I was sharing tools about color palettesUI patternswebsite inspiration, and a tone of other things that developers and designs could use in their daily jobs.


A big collection of tools!


I also wrote an article where I include all the collections I could find, you can read it here.


enlightened I found myself intrigued to start vlogging, I was afraid of being judged plus I was too shy to talk to the camera… from the other hand, I wanted to share my passions, my struggles, my trips, and my everyday life.

My very first vlog while I was traveling to the Netherlands…

Traveling to Amsterdam, giving a speech, new adventures, new people | Vlog



enlightenedIn between these videos, I created some random ones like:

My mock ups design process & tips for a better login screen


Or another one which I am actually quite proud of:

Talks and interviews


Ok, I’m almost done with the videos… Just let me share the 3 top requested by viewers

Traveling for free in 3+1 counties, in 6 months, as a developer (+ bloopers)


My process of creating youtube videos (with simple steps)


How I edit youtube videos (short filmora tutorial)


What did I gain?

“The sky is the limit”

  • I got improved at time-management and scheduling
  • I created a morning routine that I could actually stick to it (I was waking up early to record, edit and upload / I’m still waking up early to work and study)
  • I got improved at searching, browsing, and brain-storming
  • It got me motivated to create videos I knew people would either enjoy or find helpful
  • I got feedback on how to improve my editing skills, as well as I, received a few tips on how to improve the video/sound quality
  • I gain followers on YouTube and on Twitter
  • And probably the most important: I learned, all the things I wanted to learn, either by searching or by other people sharing their knowledge with me.

My journey has not finished just because a challenge came to an end, my journey is actully just starting. I will continue creating videos, learning about tech, developing mylsef, sharing my passions and helping others as much as possible.