Eleftheria - volunteer work - jug

Purpose/Objective: Create a) a poster with information about upcoming meetups, b) stickers with JUG's logo c) a banner with basic information

Deliverables: Photoshop files for poster, sticker, and banner

Duration: -

Company/Meetup: Utrecht Java User Group (Utrecht) / Thodoris Bais

My role: UI Designer 

Technologies: Photoshop

Type of work: Volunteering

Final Product: As the JUG meetup is getting bigger, new needs are coming up. The project doesn't have a duration or a deadline as it's a volunteering work.

The first thing I created was a poster to include information about the meetup's location, sponsors etc. After a while, I created a new logo, small stickers, and a banner suitable for every meetup. The banner-photoshop file was at first a challenge since everything should be big, high-quality and be displayed in detail. The content was also a challenge as it should be generic and informative.



Meet up - volunteering work by eleftheria



sticker - volunteer eleftheiasticker jug in laptop - eleftheria volunteer



banner jug - eleftheria volunteer work


The files can be found here.