Hello there, 

I had the pleasure to talk at DevOps Unicorns conference in Riga, Latvia. My talk had the title "When you think there is no time for learning or coding".

and you can find the slides here.


The video below is a vlog from my experience in Riga, Latvia and the conference of DevOps Unicorns. 
The conference was for 3 days. Day 1 was workshops and day2, day3 were the talks.
The conference was held on the 2-3-4th of October.

For more information about the DevOpsUnicorns please visit the website.


I stayed there a couple of more days to explore not only the old city (which is located almost in the center of Riga) but also the picturesque countryside. The organizers, some speakers and I went to explore the Cesis castle, then we went hiking in some narrow paths in the forests and last but not least we visited the amusement park of Tarzan were we could do zip-lines and other similar activities.


~ Thank you DevOpsUnicorns Team for the invitation, it was truly a pleasure ~ 
~ Thank you Dace and Edgars for the amazing experience ~