dashboard - ucarenet - eleftheria

Purpose/Objective: Recreate 3 pages (dashboard, careseeker and caregiver page) after a member has logged in the website.

Deliverables: 3 Photoshop files

Duration: 1 Week

Company: uCarenet (Canada) / Nectari Charitakis

My role: UI Designer 

Technologies: Photoshop

Type of work: Freelancing

Final Product:

The company wanted to change the design of the dashboard, the careseeker, and the caregiver page. The dashboard includes basic information about the member as well as information and messages from other members. Careseeker and caregiver are the pages of communication between the person who needs help and offers help. My job was to recreate (in Photoshop) each pages' layout. The final designs were in accordance with the company's colors, fonts, and general aesthetics.



Dashboard - layout - ucarenet - eleftheria 



careseeker - layout - ucarenet - eleftheria 



caregiver - layout - ucarenet - eleftheria




Photoshop files for dashboard, careseeker, and caregiver.