Oview App - Eleftheria Batsou

Purpose/Objective: Oview is a mobile application that gathers opinions and presents them in cohesive and user-friendly graphics.

Oview owns a Wordpress site, but it is loading too slowly. The objective was to recreate the site from scratch using only HTML/CSS/js and Bootstrap and add some missing functionality.

Deliverables: Web-pages

Duration: 4 Weeks

Company: OviewApp (Amsterdam) 

My role: Front-end developer

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery

Type of work: Internship

Final Product: The site was divided into the main page, media+publication page, terms+conditions page, contact page as well as we added the feature of Google Maps with multiple spots. Each page can be seen below.

Note: Some images in the pages are not available.


Main page  |  Code

Oview - main -part - eleftheria batsou



Media and publication page | Code

media and publication - oview - eleftheria batsou



Terms and conditions page  | Code

Media and pubication - oview - eleftheria batsou



Contact page - Version 1 | Code

oview - v1 oview - eleftheria batsou



Contact page - Version 2 | Code

contact v1 - oview app - eleftheria



Google Map with multiple markers - You can see multiple spots and a small information panel about every person | Code

maps - ovew - eleftheria batsou

You can browse all the pages on Codepen.

Note: OviewApp's website currently isn't working, you can find more about the company and support their cause here.