Shoppers Phychology

Global e-commerce sales as a percentage of total transactions have been rising steadily every year. This figure increased from 7.4% in 2015 to 10.2% at the end of 2017. This increase is expected to continue steadily and hit 17.5% of overall sales by 2021.

It is a trend that the big brand stores have been quick to capitalize on, with most offering clients the option of shopping online. It has proved to be a profitable venture for some of America’s biggest names, as we can see looking at the infographic that compiled.

But, is it the right option for your business? If you don’t have a gazillion dollars to spend on design, can you still create a winning site? Well, that is what is awesome about the internet – you don’t need to have lots of money to enable you to earn pots of money.

But you do have to give some serious thought to your online offering. Here is how you can get started with creating the perfect design.

Start With A Great Foundation

That means putting aside the money to pay a designer to get your site to work flawlessly and to design tools or apps that could be useful to your clients.

Focus On Function First

What is more important to your visitors, that great video you have embedded on your site, or being able to click through to the information they want as quickly as possible? Try this experiment quickly. Go through this Forbes’ article about capturing a web viewer’s attention.

Let’s see how well Forbes follows its own advice. First of all, it doesn’t let you go straight to the article. You see a motivational quote, and then have to click it to proceed to the site. It is only a couple of extra seconds, but wasn’t it annoying?

Another niggle is that if you visit the article on your desktop, it has an embedded video that plays automatically slowing load times. What was it about? I couldn’t tell you, I didn’t stick around to watch it.

So, without actually even getting to the content itself, Forbes, a huge media company, has already got two strikes against it. They should have known better.

Focus on function first! People are clicking on a particle link to see that page. They want to get there as quickly as possible. Make that happen for them by creating a flawless transition.

Make sure that every button works exactly as it should and that they can easily get the information they want. Make the navigation of the site crystal clear.

Focus On Speed

You have around 3 seconds for your page to load on a mobile device, according to Google. Any longer will make you losing around 53% of your visitors. It is simple – your site is essentially just another type of file. The bigger the file, the longer it will take to load.

Keep the file size down by optimizing your photos for the web and by doing away with slow-loading custom fonts and unnecessary details. Keep it simple and impress them with the speed and functionality of the site.

If you get these main two design elements right, you are already ahead of most of the websites out there. Focus on creating a site that loads quickly and you will have a far better chance of visitors actually making it on to your landing page.



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