Eleftheria Batsou 2020

Hello friends, in this post I have included 4 live streams I did on youtube.

All the projects are using html, css, and JS.

Sometimes I focus more on JS other times more on CSS.

But I always try to have a fun creative project that you'll enjoy :)


1.Follow Along Links (CSS + JS)

In this video: I'm going to code a simple page with a menu and some text.

There are going to be plenty of links and I'll show you a beautiful trick on how to be playful with your links :)


yesCodepen: https://codepen.io/EleftheriaBatsou

yesProject: https://codepen.io/EleftheriaBatsou/pen/bGVdzrE?editors=0100

yesGradient color: https://webgradients.com

yesLorem Ipsum: https://www.lipsum.com


2. Secret Unicorn Password (JS+Console)

In this video: I'm going to code a "secret password" with Javascript. Ok, to make it more clear: just type in your keyboard the word "unicorn"! Do you see it?! Type it as many times as you want!


yesCodepen: https://codepen.io/EleftheriaBatsou

yesProject: https://codepen.io/EleftheriaBatsou/pen/KKddoOG

yesGradient color: https://webgradients.com

yesJs Library: https://www.cornify.com/js/cornify.js


3.Simple Twitter Api (Configure your own embed)

In this video: I'm going to show you how to configure your own embed for twitter and how to use it effectively.


yesCodepen: https://codepen.io/EleftheriaBatsou

yesProject: https://codepen.io/EleftheriaBatsou/pen/PoPNLxZ?editors=1000

yesDeveloper twitter: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/twitter-for-websites/overview

yesMy twitter: https://twitter.com/BatsouElef



4.Memory Game - Flipping Cards (JS + CSS)

In this array programming exercise, we will create a JavaScript powered memory game that can be easily enhanced and extended.


yesCodepen: https://codepen.io/EleftheriaBatsou

yesProject: https://codepen.io/EleftheriaBatsou/pen/wvKzozm

yesInspiration: http://www.developphp.com/video/JavaScript


Thanks for watching! 

Have a beautiful productive day :)