I had the honor to create and teach a class in the online educational platform Skillshare


Since UX (User Experience) is a new filed and many people seem to confuse it with UI (User Interface) or don't really understand what is the job of a UX designer/researcher, I thought to teach an introductory class and share my knowledge and my passion. 


Course Description

Explore an introduction to the exciting and growing field of User Experience (UX). In a 35-minute class, you will learn the skills needed for UX research, understand how researchers discover and assess user needs and how to conduct a test.

The class consists of 15 informative videos. In each one, I am sharing my passion and knowledge for UX. I will provide you with the examples, definitions, basic methods, and concepts that every UX designer should be familiar with.

This class is for everyone who wants to grow in the field of UX Research and Design. No prior knowledge or experience required! By the end, you'll have everything you need to conduct a research and make sense of the results.


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