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2018 recap — resolutions — inspirational and more

In this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite moments of 2018.

If you’re bored to read then please watch this video, I think you’ll like it.

Let’s read that journal!


1. January

Oh January, the 1st month of the year, everyone is so excited and have high standards, me?!

In January of 2018 I wasn’t working and I was leaving in a small village up to the maintains with my parents. Still, great things happened:

  • I got an invitation to speak at a conference in Denmark called Codegarden and is organized by Umbraco. The conference was going to take place in May and I would talk about “scaling yourself”.
  • I got an opportunity to teach at Skillshare about a topic I really love which is not other than UX design and research. So I started developing that course.
  • I also made a quick trip to Athens due to my master's degree.

Yeap, that’s me!


2. February

2nd month…

  • Maybe the most exciting thing was about my sister, she got accepted for the 2nd time in the University. The first time she graduated from the department of informatics and telecommunications of engineering (which is the same University I also graduated from). This time she decided to completely change a career path, and study “English Philosophy”.
  • I found a job and I started working as a front-end/app developer. I am still in the same job where I hope to continue to grow and to learn each day. I am in a small group of 4 other people and we are developing an app.
  • Freecodecamp published one of my videos where I was explaining how to complete a d3js challenge. I never thought that Quincy Larson would contact me and ask me if I wanted to have my video published on their platform as well!
  • February was also the month I launched the UX course with SkillShare. The course went great and people seemed to like it.


3. March

March, 3rd month of the year, keep the number 3 on your mind!

  • I got my 3rd tattoo.
  • I visited Athens for the 3rd time in 2018.
  • I reached 300 subscribers on youtube.
  • And Freecodecamp published some more of my videos.


4. April

Here we are in the 4th month of the year, April….

  • I visited Athens for the 4th time in 2018.
  • A project in my master’s got 8, which is my greatest grade of all the times!
  • However, the most exciting news was that I got contacted by Packt publishing to publish with them 2 courses about D3.JS. I wasn’t going to start developing these courses until later that summer, where I would have more free time.


5. May

Definitely one of my favorite months:

  • I traveled for the first time to Copenhagen and Odense in Denmark.

Strolling on Copenhagen


  • And Malmo in Sweden, it was so freaking amazing, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that trip.

Eating at Malmo


  • I attended as a speaker one of the greatest technological conferences in Denmark, Codegarden, and met wonderful people. It was also my first time giving a speech at a conference. I was nervous but also excited that I was going to share my story about front-end development.

Speaking at Codegarden18


6. June

Let’s start the summer! Beach? Vacations? Hmmm, not yet…

  • In early June I reached 2000 followers on Twitter and 400 subscribers on youtube.
  • I got a scholarship for the next course of my master, which financially was a great thing for me.
  • Also, I had my finals for my master and I passed, again I was so happy as I had studied for countless hours.
  • Last but not least, let’s not forget that I received an email, I was going to be awarded as an official top contributor for Freecodecamp.


7. Jule

We are in the middle of this year, we are in the middle of the summer, people barely remember their new year’s resolution and what about me?! Do I keep my promises of learning, growing and try to inspire other people to be the best they can be?!

  • I decided to continue being a part-time master student (rather than a full-time).
  • I became part of the growing community of code career run by Benjamin Spak
  • I started another challenge, called #100DaysOfYoutube where I basically was uploading videos on youtube for 100 days straight! yeap, it was quite difficult but a great experience as I learned so much about time management, scheduling, and editing (watch Last video on #100DaysOfYoutube)
  • I started learning illustrator cc for the 1st time.
  • FreeCodeCamp published my speech about #100DayOfCode, it currently has almost 50.000 views! (Watch that video on Freecodecamp’s channel)


8. August

Last month of this hot yet rainy summer:

  • August was a pretty chilled month for me! Not a lot of work during the weekdays and then beach at the weekends.

A day at the beach


  • At the end of the summer I got an amazing opportunity to give a talk at a conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands and I felt so honored.
  • I became a squad member of the career code community, I sync my “review” videos with Spak’s youtube channel, and with the rest of the team, we started shaping the vision of the community.


9. September

Now autumn is here, September came, students go to school, colleges, universities, people go back to the gym and try to get on track once again. Me?! Oh well, September treated me well.

  • I visited Dublin to get awarded as a top contributor for FreeCodeCamp (this was also one of the highlights of the year). Watch my Interview with Quincy Larson
  • It was my first time in Ireland, I stayed there for 5 days and I really enjoyed the city and the surroundings!

Oooh it was so windy all the time… but still an amazing trip!


  • I freaking gave a short interview with the reporter Klint Finley from WIRED about the struggles of having to stay up in the game of javascript-frameworks.

For JavaScript Developers, More Choices Mean Hard Choices
A wave of new programming tools promises to make developers' lives easier. But the turbulence makes it hard to stay…www.wired.com


10. October

October… 3 months before the end of the year…

  • I visited Utrecht and gave a talk to the Umbraco Conference, an amazing experience, a big shout out to the organizers, as everything was perfect.

Talking at Umbraco’s conference in Utrecht

  • Not only I visited Utrecht but Amsterdam too! (I used to intern in Amsterdam so I really wanted to go back to the city)
  • I also started the 2nd year (part-time) of my masters.
  • Oh and I started vlogging… which is something I continue to do… I usually get positive feedback so thank you very much for that. Watch my very first vlog
  • And on the last days of October, I bought my very first car, a Toyota Yaris of 2007 fully automated.
  • On early October I had 3k followers on twitter and 800 subscribers on youtube.


11. November

November, we are getting closer, we wait for the Christmas holidays. Personally…

  • I got contacted to write an article about the 24Day-Umbraco Calendar.

When you think there is no time for learning or coding
Do you ever feel like you're stuck in your career? Do you feel like you have a lot of cool ideas but not the energy to…24days.in

  • I also finished the challenge 100DaysOfYoutube that I started on July, yeas it was a strike, 100 days! I didn't miss a single day.
  • A colleague and I published in a greek conference our diploma thesis, it was and still is my 1st time that I was publishing academic work. A really proud moment and another highlight of 2018.
  • The month continued to be great as I published the 1st course about D3.JS with Packt that I had started working earlier in that summer.
  • I completed the 1st project (out of 5) for my master’s degree.


12. December

Last month, last opportunities for 2018, now we all starting to write our new year’s resolutions… we all want great things, we want to achieve the best results, we all say I am gonna get a job, I am going to eat healthier, I am going to find the love of my life, I am going to call the parents more often, I m going to the gym, I am quitting smoking, I am going to contribute more….

And then…, as the months pass, what are we doing? Do we even remember our resolutions? Well, this list is my way of remembering my promises, and my way of achieving my goals.

I wish you an AMAZING year.

2019 is your year to shine.

Stay focused and determined, you can do it

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and watch my videos.