Eleftheria batsou - About motive

It’s not always going to be easy — but you already knew that, right?!


I could speak about motivation for hours but instead, I’m going to give you my most important tips.

  1. Be specific with your goals
  2. Don’t fool yourself about your skills
  3. Constancy is the key!
  4. Work out your willpower muscle (yes, we all have that!)
  5. You are who you are, you ‘re not an impostor!!
  6. Stay hungry, stay curious.

Please watch the video to get more details.

How to stay motivated | A developer’s edition

Motivation starts with passion and ends with determination. You need the passion and the fire in your heart to start, you need to be determined and focus on your goals to keep going. The limit is the sky.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

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