“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.” — Jim Rohn


I’ve been programming professionally more than 2.5 years and in my free time less or more than 7 years… I am not an expert but I certainly love my job. It wasn’t easy when I started and I still have a lot of “who wrote this code?! what was I thinking when I wrote it?! I don't understand a $h!t” moments.


Yet, I have some tips and rules I like to follow and I believe they have helped me to grow and be better at my job.


You can read the basics in this post but then please for more details watch the video.


Tips & Rules

  1. Make your research, ask thoughtful questions, document the answers.
  2. You don’t want to make the same mistakes, that’s why you keep notes and make sure you didn’t break anyone else’s code.
  3. Before the reviewer, review your one work. Before the tester test your own work. Yes, always, even in the smallest changes.
  4. Coding is logic. There isn’t anything random or magic. Every line of code, every piece of code, have a reason to exist in the project.
  5. Ask for feedback even when something is working. Take criticism. Work on making yourself better.
  6. Don’t rush to finish an issue or a task. Make sure it’s working, test it, review it, test if anything else is broken, check if there are any changes in your team's code, check if you did everything from the description issue and only then proceed to the next step.
  7. “Be like a sponge”. Try to learn as more as you can. Listen. Keep notes. Ask. Make it work. Refactor it. Review it.


Please watch the video to get more details


These were 7, messy but helpful, tips. I hope you enjoyed them.


If you have any cool tip or anything you want us to discuss please comment below.


Thanks for reading/watching