Eleftheria Batsou

Coding is not easy, you constantly have to learn new things and collaborate with people who you might never meet in real life...

I asked my fellow developers on Twitter what was the hardest thing for them in their careers.


About coding:

  • ► Staying consistent on learning
  • ► Learning Javascript
  • ► Learning CSS
  • ► Learning Data structures
  • ► Understanding and implementing OOP concepts
  • ► Debugging
  • ► Fixing warnings
  • ► Writing tests
  • ► Writing documentation
  • ► Reading Documentation
  • ► Working on an unfamiliar codebase
  • ► Recursion
  • ► Ugly UI
  • ► Getting out of tutorial hell.

About the #DevLife

  • ► Dealing with customers unrealistic needs
  • ► Company politics
  • ► Knowing when you are ready to apply for a job
  • ► Keepin' on even when I'm unsure of where it'll take me
  • ► Not trusting my abilities / Self-confidence
  • ► Dealing with the imposter syndrome
  • ► Struggling with uncertainty


With this post I want to show you that you are not alone, we all struggle, we all have these moments that we don't know what to do... but eventually, after a break, a coffee and chatting with friends we always find a solution :)

What would you add, what is the hardest thing for you?