I have started a youtube series where I answer coding questions :)

In this series, I am going to be answering your coding/designing questions. I don't claim I have a lot of experience or that I know everything, I am just going to give you examples that have worked for me and I hope they will help you in your coding/designing journey as well.

In this video, I answer:

1. How to complete #100DaysOfCode (at 02:33)

2. How to be focused while you study (at 07:03)

3. How good it feels when you see some progress (at 13:56)


If you have any question and you are searching for an answer, or you if you want a code/design review please choose a way to participate:

1. leave a comment in this video.

2. or go the "community" tab on my youtube channel and leave a comment there.

3. or (preferably) go on twitter, use the hashtag #elefDoesCode, and ask me anything


Links I mention in this video: