Eleftheria Batsou 2020

I did a ten-day experiment and here is what I found.

Please watch an analytical video here

I used to read through Medium quite a lot! Actually I read Medium since early 2016. I visit the platform every day. In the last couple of years, I also have started to publish my own articles.

But! I think this is going to change…

Although I used to read a lot, I would find the articles mostly through the newsletter I was getting daily in my email. I liked the options and the suggestions so I would open every article and I would read it, very often I would even suggest it to my friends and coworkers.

Lately, things have changed…

Every morning I go through my emails, I hesitate but I open Medium’s newsletter. Lately, without even reading the title, I’m clicking to open it. Why I do that? Because I’m curious just to see if I can read it...

As you may have understood, I haven’t upgraded my account and I don’t plan to do so. I can’t afford to pay the subscription... and honestly, I don’t even want to. I started using Medium because it was free and it had a nice variety of topics… but now?!



Another thing is that I value my time but Medium clearly doesn’t!

I don’t want to spend my time clicking on articles I can’t read… but unavoidably I do it!

Hence I decided to conduct research! The experiment was to open the last 10 emails I had from Medium and see how many I can read.

Here are the results:

  • ♦ 20–12 -2019 | Read: 0/18 Unread: 18/18 articles
  • ♦ 21–12 -2019 | Read: 6/21 Unread: 15/21 articles
  • ♦ 22–12 -2019 | Read: 2/18 Unread: 16/18 articles
  • ♦ 23–12 -2019 | Read: 4/15 Unread: 11/15 articles
  • ♦ 24–12 -2019 | Read: 5/17 Unread: 12/17 articles
  • ♦ 25–12 -2019 | Read: 1/15 Unread: 14/15 articles
  • ♦ 26–12 -2019 | Read: 0/15 Unread: 15/15 articles
  • ♦ 27–12 -2019 | Read: 3/18 Unread: 15/18 articles
  • ♦ 28–12 -2019 | Read: 6/18 Unread: 12/18 articles
  • ♦ 30–12 -2019 | Read: 4/18 Unread: 14/18 articles

Here is what I learned:

  • ♦ The most articles I could read were: 6
  • ♦ I could read 6 articles for: 1 day out of 10
  • ♦ I could NOT ready any article for: 2 days out of 10
  • ♦ On 10 days I could read 31 articles out of 173 

Now let’s say that I want 3sec to 4sec to decide If I want to read the article or not. As I wrote earlier most of the articles are interested to me and indeed I want to read them. So:

  • ♦ For 10 days: 3sec x 173articles = 519sec or 8.65min
  • ♦ For 10 days: 4sec x 173articles = 692sec or 11.53min

enlightenedFor 10days I’m spending on average 10.10min on Medium’s newsletter.

enlightenedFor 365days I’m spending on average 368.65min or 22.12hours on Medium’s newsletter.

Now let’s calculate the time I need for the articles I can actually read

  • ♦ For 10 days: 4sec x 31articles = 124sec or 2.06min
  • ♦ For 10 days: 3sec x 31articles = 91sec or 5.58min

enlightenedFor 10days I should spend on average 2.79min on Medium’s newsletter.

enlightenedFor 365days I should spend on average 101.87min or 1.69hours on Medium’s newsletter.


Here is my research and some thoughts

Final thoughts

I’m spending 22.12hours yearly on Medium’s newsletter when I should spend 1.69hours.

Sorry, but I don’t wish to spend my time clicking on articles that I CANT read.

Dear readers, that you don’t pay the yearly subscription, do you wish to do that?

I think you get my point! Now Medium should also get it!


Thank you for taking the time to read my story and watch my video.

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