Eleftheria Batsou 2020

Hello friends,

I created a short course in YouTube about UX and UI.


In this course, we talk about UX and UI. In 8 videos I'm trying to cover as much as possible but as you can probably understand this is quite impossible (since it's only 8 videos). Nevertheless, we will discuss about coding and designing, how to be a better designer, things to know as a designer, how to improve at visual design, color theory, tips about being to a new UX environment or even being a young UX designer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Thank you :)


Please check the list below:

yes 1st episode: “Should designers learn to code?”
yes 2nd episode: Are You New to UX? Here Are The Best 5 Tips
yes 3rd episode: 7 Practical & Effective Methods To Improve At Visual/UI Design
yes 4th episode: To Be a Successful UX Designer Give up these 15 Things
yes 5th episode: New to a UX workplace? Know these 22 things!
yes 6th episode: A Brief Guide in Color Theory
yes 7th episode: How To Build A Design System

yes8th episode: Are Your Messages User Friendly (& How To Design Them)