65 tips on being the best coder and human possible, Eleftheria Batsou

Learn - Be - Don't - You- Others - Misc

1.Learn how to learn
2.Learn to share
3.Choose what you'll learn
4.Learn to give great presentations
5.Learn to present yourself
6.Learn to love criticism
7.Learn when to ask for help
8.Learn to love code reviews
9.Learn to read code
10.Keep Learning
11.Learn how to work remotely

12.Be open-minded
13.Be supportive
14.Be consistent
15.Be kind
16.Be proactive


17.Don't just copy and paste
18.Don't rely on a framework or library
19.Don't discriminate 
20.Don't afraid to ask for help
21.Don't give up
22.Don't compare yourself to others


23. Create an inspiring setup
24. Build an eye-catching portfolio
25. Find a mentor
26.Try everything
27.Get good at googling
28.Take breaks
29.Stay humble
30.Take responsibility for your actions
31.Stay curious
32.Take vacations
33.Define your goals
34.Share your knowledge 
35.Recognize your weaknesses
36.Remember why you started to code


37.Get nice to your team
38.Surround yourself with positive people
39.Give credits where need it 
40.Value everyone
41.Establish a healthy work-life balance


42. Aim for readability and simplicity
43. Take tasks that scare you
44.Write valuable comments
45.Prioritize tasks
46.Details can make a big difference
47. Name functions and variables appropriately
48.Choose unbiased your tools
49.Understand the why
50.Exercise your current skills
51.Test your code
52.Clarify early the requirements
53.Code for accessibility


54.Remove distractions
55.Have passion
56.Remember coding is hard
57.Get involved in the community
58.Review your own code
59.Sleep is your friend 
60.Stay updated with the latest tech
61.Track your progress
62.Apply for jobs even if you are not qualified 
62.Speak up in meetings
63.Keep a todo list


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