Productivity hacks - Eleftheria Batsou

Hello amazing people, 


In this video we are discussing 5 productivity hacks that you've heard or read before, you even may apply them to your everyday life but you can't see any change!



Productivity hacks:

1. Making a (too long) to-do list

Why it's not working: Probably it's too long and inconsistence
Tip 1: Write only a few (5-10) things you want to complete
Tip 2: Keep your "big" goals in a separate list

2. Getting "normal" sleep hours

Why it's not working: Everyone's schedule is different, 8h of sleep won't magically help you.
Tip: New researches show sleeping 7h 30min prior to your wake up time is the most suitable solutions
Extra tip: If that's not working, adjust your alarm clock 15min earlier or later to the 7h 30min
Info: Taking a nap during the day will really help you as it will refresh your mind and body

3. Being distracted while answering email and messages

Why it's not working: Because you're getting constantly distracted and let's face it, it's quite boring...
Info: if you've been interrupted during an important task, your brain needs on average 15min to get back on track 
Tip1: Remove as many as possible notifications from your phone and laptop, focus on one thing at a time (example: first check your work emails, then your personal emails, then twitter etc)
Tip2: Remember, the sooner you'll finish, the more free time you'll have for other activities.

4. Being too organized

Why it's not working: Because you are going from 0 to 100 in one day and then you're losing your notes and important documents....
Tip1: Organize your workspace step by step
Tip2: keep near you the things you use more like sticky notes, pen and paper.

5. Having too many apps on your phone

Why it's not working: Because you have the 'A', 'B', 'C'.... 'Z' productivity app on your phone (which, guess what, it's too distractive for no reason)
Tip1: Keep only important apps on your phone
Tip2: Keep apps inside a folder in the last screen of your phone, that way you re not going to access them so often as you re not going to see them so often.

Please watch the video to find a better alternative to those "hacks".

Thank you :)